Noah Kahan says men crying at his shows is “greatest thing in the world”

Rick Kern/Getty Images

Noah Kahan is happy to provide an outlet for men to express their feelings.

In an interview with GQ released Wednesday, Noah said seeing men cry at his concerts is the greatest thing.

“I see old men and frat dudes crying at my shows,” Noah said. “That’s the f****** greatest thing in the world. I’m telling you, as a guy it’s incredibly rare for two men to cry next to each other, and to see that in a crowd is so special.”

He went on to say that while it’s amazing to see anybody react positively to his confessional, folky music, he’s particularly moved when other men connect to it.

“I love all my fans, but there’s something special about a young man who is able to sing these kinds of songs,” Noah said.

Noah also looked back on the 2024 Grammy Awards, where he was nominated for Best New Artist. He lost the award to Victoria Monét and said he did not enjoy the ceremony, as it made him feel like “being in a cafeteria in school and not knowing anybody.”

“I did not enjoy it. I felt jealous and insecure,” Noah continued.

However, Noah’s night took a turn for the better when he met up with friends after the awards show.

“Together with two of my guy friends — who are tough New Hampshire [and] Vermont guys who are not gonna cry really — we just all sat there and f****** cried,” Noah said. “That camaraderie and pain they were feeling was truly beautiful. It was as good as a Grammy for me, feeling like these are my people and they really care. I fit in here.”

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