“Alienated”: Watch ZAYN’s first live performance since 2016

Courtesy ZAYN

No one can ever accuse ZAYN of hogging the spotlight, which is why it’s a big deal that he’s made a performance video for his new song, “Alienated.” The video marks his first live performance since 2016.

On Instagram, ZAYN shares that he wrote “Alienated” six years ago and that it was the “start” of his new album, Room Under the Stairs, which is coming out May 17.

“I’ve been feeling alienated/ on my spaceship alone/ Say goodbye to the past/ Leave it all with a laugh/ Cause you always was right all along,” ZAYN sings on the soulful tune.

In a statement, ZAYN says he hopes that the new album will “take listeners on some whimsical, magical journey.” Two special-edition vinyls are available for preorder: a limited-edition color vinyl at Target and a different color vinyl at Urban Outfitters. There’s also a cassette version and two exclusive CDs, one available at Walmart and one for other retailers.

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