ZAYN announces track list for ‘Room Under the Stairs’

Mercury Records

ZAYN has announced the track list for his upcoming album via Instagram.

Room Under the Stairs will have 15 tracks, including the already released “What I Am” and “Alienated,” a new single that’s coming out on April 12. ZAYN says he wrote that song first, and it helped him “mold and shape the sound” of the rest of the album.

“I don’t even know what to call it, genrewise,” he adds of “Alienated.” “Because I don’t want to say country, ’cause I don’t think it is country. I think it’s my version of, like, blues.”

The entire album comes out May 17. Here’s the track list:

“What I Am”
“My Woman”
“How It Feels”
“Gates of Hell”
“Birds on a Cloud”
“Concrete Kisses”
“False Starts”
“The Time”
“Something in the Water”
“Shoot at Will”
“Fuchsia Sea”

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