Kelly Clarkson says she and her kids are in a “magical place” right now

Weiss Eubanks/NBC Universal

Kelly Clarkson took a big chance uprooting her life and moving with her kids across the country to New York City to film her talk show, but she says they’re having the best time.

Speaking to Access, Kelly says, “I feel free just to like do anything. I think opportunity and possibilities are endless. We’re in a magical place, me and my kids, and my circle, it’s really great.”

Kelly says her favorite part of living in New York is “walking around,” adding, “You have to immerse yourself in the place that you’re living, and I never did that in LA — only Texas or Nashville — so it’s nice to do here. I love it.”

Discussing her pre-show ritual, Kelly admits, “Usually, I’m learning the Kellyoke [cover songs] on the way to the stage!” And that’s not because she’s such a quick study, it’s because she has very little time to prepare for each performance.

“It’s just, there’s too many songs,” she explains. “You can try to be as prepared as you want but there’s 180 songs a season and then usually we’re doing other projects …. it’s not that you wanna be ill-prepared … there’s not enough time to really rehearse.”

Recently, Kelly performed Katy Perry‘s song “Wide Awake,” prompting Katy to write on social media, “Ok dang I can never sing that again.”

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