Dua Lipa gets optimistic about being ghosted, wardrobe malfunctions and more

Tyrone Lebon

Dua Lipa‘s new album is called Radical Optimism, so ELLE has created a video in which she describes how you can remain optimistic in various upsetting situations, including being ghosted, having a wardrobe malfunction, getting a flat tire, and even discovering your best friend and your boyfriend are having an affair.

For that last scenario, Dua jokes that both of them can “f*** off,” before advising, “I think you just have to keep it moving. Go out with your other friends, the good ones … and [have them] introduce you to someone cute.”

Being ghosted? Dua says, “If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be, and what’s meant for you will be.” Flat tire? Dua says call AAA and while you’re waiting, catch up on your emails or, “If you’ve got a cute outfit on, good time to take selfies. There’s a lot that can be done just waiting around!”

As for wardrobe malfunctions, Dua says, “Sometimes a friend might have a pin that could help so you don’t have to ruin your night. Or sometimes an earring works … and sometimes it doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t really ruin your vibe.”

Dua reveals that she’s had many wardrobe malfunctions over the years. Once, at a Lollapalooza preshow, she was opening for The 1975 and was wearing nothing but an oversized sweater, with a bra and panties underneath. She clipped her microphone pack to her panties, and then spent the whole show trying to hike them up so they wouldn’t slide down to her ankles. “Rookie mistake!” she jokes.

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