Olivia Rodrigo’s bestie Conan Gray has never seen her in concert

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

One of Olivia Rodrigo‘s best friends is fellow pop star Conan Gray, but even though they’re super close, he says he’s never actually seen her perform live. It’s not like he’s blowing her off, though — he has a good excuse.

Speaking to NYLON magazine, Conan says, “Biasedly — actually, no, unbiasedly — Olivia Rodrigo is one of the best performers right now. But I’ve actually never been to a real Olivia concert. I’ve seen her play Jingle Ball. That was only recently. Prior to that, I was on tour while she was on tour, so [I] never saw her show. I’m excited for the GUTS Tour to finally be able to watch a real Olivia show.”

It’s not clear which GUTS tour show Conan plans to attend, but he’s going to be in New York City on April 9, so maybe he’ll come into town early and catch her playing in Madison Square Garden.

Despite not attending her shows, Olivia has nothing but great things to say about Conan. In an email to NYLON, she writes, “Conan is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met. Anytime anybody he cares about is going through something tough, he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to help them through it. He’s incredibly smart and never fails to make everyone around him laugh.”

“Conan and I have the most fun doing the most mundane things in the world like driving to Starbucks and doing crossword puzzles,” she adds. “We make jokes out of just about anything.”

Asked to reveal the one thing she thinks people should know about Conan, Olivia says, “There is an owl that visits Conan’s house occasionally and we have named her ‘Owlivia.’”

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