Selena Gomez cooks up new culinary series ‘Selena + Restaurant’

Courtesy Food Network

Selena Gomez is heading out of her home kitchen and into professional spaces in the new cooking show Selena + Restaurant.

A spinoff of her Max series Selena + Chef, this new program will find Selena visiting the professional kitchens of several of LA’s most popular restaurants.

She’ll again be accompanied by her best friend, Raquelle Stevens, over the course of six episodes that will test their cooking skills. Famous chefs Shirley Chung, Keith Corbin, Stephanie Izard, Andrew & Michelle Muñoz, Wolfgang Puck and Marcel Vigneron will judge their dishes to see if they can make each restaurant’s menu.

The premiere episode will find Selena and Raquelle in Puck’s Beverly Hills restaurant, CUT Steakhouse, where Selena will attempt one of his classic dishes before offering up her own take on a seafood delicacy.

“After cooking mostly virtually from my kitchen with some of the best chefs for the last four years, I was thrilled to step into their world,” Gomez said in a statement. “You’ll have to see if being in person helped my skills at all.”

Selena + Restaurant premieres its first two episodes May 2 on Food Network and will also be available to stream on Max.

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