Rihanna says she wants her kids to be “whoever they want to be”

Emma McIntyre/WireImage

Rihanna has been breaking boundaries and forging her own path since she first came on the scene, and she wants the same for her two young sons with A$AP Rocky: RZA, 22 months, and Riot Rose, seven months.

As part of her cover story for Vogue China, Rih says that because individuality is a quality she prizes for herself, it’s something that’s affected her approach to parenting. 

“The most beautiful thing … is that [children] come into the world with their own individuality and sincerity, without any logic or conformity, which usually makes you feel that you must fit into a certain group,” she tells the publication.

“It’s really beautiful to see and I want to continue to help them navigate that and make sure that they know they can be whoever they want to be,” she continues. “They should embrace it completely, because it’s beautiful, and it’s unique. I love them just that way.”

Rihanna co-curated the issue, and the theme is “beauty in individuality.”

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