Could Olivia Rodrigo help change the concert industry with “Silver Star Tickets”?

Live Nation

Olivia Rodrigo is trying to make sure that less economically advantaged fans have a chance to see her upcoming tour — and if she pulls it off, she might introduce a major change in the concert industry.

Registration for tickets to Olivia’s GUTS World Tour are underway now through Sunday, but her concert promoter Live Nation announced that a limited edition of what she’s calling “Silver Star Tickets” will be available.  A limited number of tickets will cost just 20 bucks each, and must be purchased in pairs, with a limit of two per purchase. 

The seat locations will be revealed the day of the show when the fans show up at the venue box office to pick them up. The seats might be located in any area, including the floor, upper and lower levels or limited-view sections.

According to Billboard, the trick will be to keep the Silver Star Tickets out of the hands of scalpers, who’d love to buy those tickets for $20 and then resell them at a huge markup. However, Billboard reports that Olivia’s team has plans in place to keep this from happening, including directly selecting fans to participate, and requiring fans to pick up the tickets in person.

Not knowing where the tickets are located makes it very difficult for scalpers to sell them on third party websites like StubHub, Billboard reports, because those sites require sellers to list where the seats are.

As Billboard writes, Olivia’s plan “places enough hurdles in front of scalpers that most will hopefully be deterred from taking advantage” of the program, adding, “If the strategy is successful, it’s easy to see it being duplicated by other artists.”

The GUTS World Tour launches in February in Palm Springs, California.

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