Lawyer: Britney Spears will allow ex-husband Kevin Federline to move to Hawaii with sons

Britney Spears‘ ex-husband Kevin Federline, the father of her two sons, Sean and Jayden, recently decided to move his family to Hawaii because of job opportunities. Kevin’s lawyer told Entertainment Tonight that if Britney didn’t agree to the move, he’d have to take legal action. Well, it seems Britney’s given the OK, but only after her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, accused Kevin of “appallingly” violating her privacy.

In a letter from Rosengart to Kevin’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplanobtained by Page Six, Rosengart says Britney “will not interfere with and consents to the relocation.” But Rosengart goes on to take Kaplan and Kevin to task for blabbing about their lives to the media.

According to Page Six, Rosengart’s letter to Kaplan argues Kevin “appallingly violated [the boys’] privacy, while egregiously violating Britney’s privacy, by releasing a private video of Britney with her children,” and also slams him for doing an Australian TV interview about Britney.

In addition, Rosengart points out that he told Kaplan to keep quiet about the move, but instead Kaplan did interviews about it with TMZ and Entertainment Tonight.

He calls Kaplan’s interviews “undignified, ungracious and unnecessary,” then notes the irony of Kaplan’s claim the family wanted to move to Hawaii because the boys wanted to be “more sheltered from the media.”

“That is commendable. But your media interview did nothing to shelter them; instead, it publicized the issue in the media,” Rosengarten points out.

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