Tampa superintendent quotes Taylor Swift songs in warning to students not to skip class for her concert

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Taylor Swift is set to take the stage at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on Thursday night, and the local school superintendent has created a video warning students not to skip class on Friday because of it — though it doesn’t seem to be a very serious warning.

In a letter and in the video, Hillsborough County Superintendent Addison Davis tells students that he’s aware many of them will be attending Taylor’s show on a school night, and then recites a litany of Taylor song lyrics to explain why they shouldn’t be absent on Friday.  

“I understand I am the ‘Anti-Hero’ here, and ‘Call It What You Want,’ but ‘You’re on Your Own Kid’ if you think being a Swiftie is a good excuse for missing important instruction,” Addison says. “You know ‘All Too Well’ you ‘Should’ve Said No’ to attending a Thursday night concert.”

“I hope there is not a ‘Blank Space’ in your seat Friday morning,” he continues. “It could be a ‘Cruel Summer’ if you prioritize being a Swiftie over being in class. ‘You Belong with Me,’ ‘Me!’ in school. Please don’t make me see ‘Red’ with your absence.”

Of course, the torturous way that Taylor’s song lyrics have been shoehorned into the letter seems to suggest that Davis is in on the joke and he, too, knows “All Too Well” that playas gonna play — and kids are gonna skip class. 

Locals seem to agree: One person on Reddit wrote, “As someone who had kids in that school district. I wouldn’t take anything Addison Davis says seriously. Enjoy the concert!!!” 

Another commenter pointed out, “I mean, one day isn’t going to send your gpa plummeting and prevent you from graduating so like let the kids live??”

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