Jax makes the case for TikTok: “It’s the most equal opportunity it gets”

MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

The possibility of TikTok being banned in the U.S. is currently a hotly debated topic, but if it happens, it’ll likely affect creators of all types. Jax is one artist whose career completely turned around thanks to TikTok: After her song “Victoria’s Secret” went viral there, it led to radio airplay, awards and her latest hit, “Cinderella Snapped.”  Jax feels TikTok is vital for artists because, unlike other apps, there are no barriers to success.

“The coolest part about the app — say what you want about it, y’know, I’ve heard both sides — but for me, the coolest part is it’s the most equal opportunity it gets, feedwise,” Jax told ABC Audio several months ago.

“So, like, people from all over that have no following could be viral in a feed just based on their art, their comedy, their skills, their songs, you know?” she added. “That’s like a ‘for the first-time-in-the-world situation,’ I think.”

Jax explained, “It’s really, really hard to break through the noise on other platforms, because [on those], you have to have a big following if you want people to hear you. So this app is definitely groundbreaking, for artists especially.”

Jax will play two festivals next month — Bamboozle in her home state of New Jersey and California’s Napa Valley BottleRock Festival — before heading out on a summer tour with Big Time Rush starting June 22.

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