Genie in a Bottle: Christina Aguilera named co-founder, chief brand advisor for “sexual wellness” company

Eva Schwank/Playground Co-Founder and Chief Brand Advisor Christina Aguilera, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Catherine Magee, and Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Sandy Vukovic

Throughout her career, Christina Aguilera‘s been outspoken about her sexuality, and now she’s joining a company that will allow women to find their own “Genie in a Bottle.”

Xtina has been named the co-founder and chief brand advisor of Playground, a “sexual wellness” brand whose products are designed to help women enjoy getting down and “Dirrty” with their partners. There are four different products, made from clean, plant-based ingredients, like fermented bamboo extract. And they’re packaged in bottles made of 50% recycled materials.

Christina says in a statement, “I continue to encourage women to feel empowered while owning every aspect of themselves, and to treat sexual wellness as part of a regular self-care routine.”

You can watch a conversation between Christina and the brand’s chief sexologist on Playground’s website.  During the NSFW convo, the singer is careful to emphasize that the company and its products are all about how women can put the focus on themselves, their own self-care and their own pleasure.

“I was raised in a business where you are told by a man pretty much what to do … how you should dress, how you should own your sexuality,” she says. “There are so many labels: ‘Don’t be too sexual because then you’re gonna be labeled this, don’t be not sexual enough because then it’s prude‘ … by the time you’re older, you are shamed for every reason.”

“It’s important to me that we feel empowered to embrace who we really are. To explore ourselves, engage our fantasies and voice our needs,” she says in a statement. “There should be no shame in that.”

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