Sam Asghari open to starring in a movie with Britney Spears: “That would be a dream come true”

Sam Asghari says starring in a movie alongside wife Britney Spears “would be a dream come true.”

The actor, who stars in the upcoming series Lioness, chatted with TMZ about his acting ambitions and whether or not they’d include his wife.

“I think she’s a great actress,” he said, adding, “I hope one day. That would be a dream come true.”

TMZ asked what kind of project he can see himself doing with Britney and if it comes down to it being the right script. “Maybe [I’d] write the script,” he responded.

Sam doesn’t think he’d want to do a rom-com with the pop star, adding, “Maybe it’s an action film, because she’s very athletic. She’s able to jump up and … do a bunch of stunts. I think she’d be really good at that.”

He also thinks Britney would do her own stunts.

The hitmaker previously starred in the movie Crossroads, and made memorable cameos in the shows like How I Met Your Mother and Glee.

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