Watch Halsey get held up at gunpoint in first trailer for ‘Americana’


Halsey‘s first major single was called “New Americana,” and now you can watch her in the new trailer for a movie called … Americana.

In the first look at the film, which is Halsey’s big-screen acting debut, we see her character, whose style is similar to an early-’80s Joan Jett, filling up her car at a gas station while a guy at the other pump tries to distract her. Meanwhile, a girl sneaks up behind her, sticks a gun in her back and asks her if she has “the artifact.” “F*** you,” says Halsey. “Shoot me.”

She drives away as the girl jumps into the guy’s truck and they take off after her.

According to Deadline, the movie is about a waitress and a cowboy, played by Sydney Sweeney and Paul Walter Hauser, who plan to steal a Native American artifact from the criminals who have it. But when one of the criminals’ girlfriends, played by Halsey, takes the artifact for her own, things get complicated.

The director, Tony Tost, tells Deadline of the scene depicted in the trailer, “It’s one of my favorite scenes because none of these characters are smooth, experienced criminals in the slightest, and I love how Sydney, Paul, and Halsey all play their desperate intentions and discomfort to quietly comedic effect.”

The movie premieres Friday at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.

(Trailer contains uncensored profanity.)

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