“This is not as easy as it looks”: Niall Horan sweats his way through ‘Hot Ones’ interview

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Can Niall Horan hold his hot sauce?

The singer wound up eating his words on Hot Ones, where he said right before chowing down on super-hot wings that “it’s better TV” when people sweat and have “snot running everywhere” during their interview.

Niall struggled as the Scoville units crept upward, at one point nearly making the fatal mistake of rubbing his eyes with his hot sauce-stained hands.

As for the questions he was asked, one was about why he thought “Heaven” was the perfect introductory song for new album The Show.

“The concept sums up what you’re going to hear from the record,” he explained. “It gives everything sonically; productionwise everything is kind of all in ‘Heaven.’ It’s a good tee up for what you’re going to get from the rest of the record.”

He also chatted about his former One Direction bandmate Liam Payne, who sweat his way through a Hot Ones interview. Liam had shared a story about how he accidentally revealed Niall’s license plate when playing a prank, meaning fans were able to track his car until he was able to get a new one.

Unfortunately for fans, the heat became too much for Niall and he coughed, “No comment, your honor,” when asked to share his side of the story.

Another Liam story did pop up at the end, with host Sean Evans revealing the singer said during his 2017 interview that Niall is his favorite person “to grab a cheeky beer” with. That comment inspired one of the show’s producers, who was pregnant at the time of Liam’s interview, to name her firstborn Niall.

The singer exclaimed, “That’s amazing!”

Overall, Niall had this to say about Hot Ones: “This is not as easy as it looks.”

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