Shawn Mendes and his sister star in campaign for Shawn’s new Tommy Hilfiger capsule collection

L-Shawn Mendes, R- Aaliyah Mendes/Credit: Cass Bird

Shawn Mendes announced last year that he’d collaborate with the Tommy Hilfiger brand to create a capsule collection of sustainable clothing. Well, that collection, Tommy X Shawn Classics Reborn, has now arrived, and Shawn stars in the campaign with his sister, Aaliyah Mendes, among others.

In a statement, Shawn describes the collection as “amazing, high-quality, sustainable versions of [the brand’s] most classic clothing items.” Among those items: a stars and stripes rugby shirt, twill chinos and a varsity jacket, all made from recycled organic cotton, recycled wool, regenerated nylon and other sustainable materials. The regenerated nylon, for example, is created from landfill and ocean waste, including old fishing nets.

Other items include underwear, denim jackets, cropped hoodies, blazers, jeans, shorts, trousers and polos.

“What if we could reinvent what once was tossed aside? Take it, remake it?” Shawn asks in a voice-over for the campaign video. “Change is always vital. There’s no better time to surround yourself with inspiration, with people who move you, with clothing made from discarded fabrics, colored with memories and reborn into new icons.” 

The new line, featuring clothing for both men and women, is available to shop now. To promote it, Shawn will host a series of events in London, Berlin, Milan and Mexico City.

Shawn and Tommy Hilfiger first partnered last May, when the brand was planning to provide Shawn with a sustainable tour wardrobe, and contribute $1 million to mitigate and offset the tour’s environmental impact. As previously reported, the tour, which started in June 2022, was canceled in July 2022 so Shawn could focus on his mental health.

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