Charlie Puth teams up with Sabrina Carpenter for new music video


Charlie Puth has been hinting at a new song for quite some time, and on Wednesday he gave fans a teaser of its music video, which features Sabrina Carpenter.

Taking to TikTok, Charlie shared the brief clip of him and the Girl Meets World star, which starts with them playing the game Operation. After Sabrina expertly extracts the heart, Charlie tells her, “I always knew you had a tiny, tiny heart.”

The music then starts up as the two lean in and share a sweet kiss.

Charlie has implied in other videos that the song is named “That’s Not How This Works.” As for the video teaser, Charlie announced fans will get to see more on March 31.

The singer also tagged country duo Dan and Shay in the new teaser. He was previously confirmed to be working with them on the new song. Earlier this month, Charlie shared a comical video of him struggling to belt out some high notes before eventually giving the job to Shay Mooney.

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