Lil Nas X teams up with Coach for new fashion campaign

Courtesy of Coach

Lil Nas X got intergalactic with his new campaign for luxury brand Coach.

The rapper launched his first campaign with the company in October and is back for the “In My Tabby” advertisements, which promote their new Tabby bag.

The clutch-sized shoulder bag salutes the trendy style that took off in the 1970s, but the style has been reworked to complement the modern times. That type of bag has recently gained popularity on TikTok, which is why the style was brought back.

The new campaign is all about “what we carry,” and Lil Nas X says he uses his bag to “carry my plans for the future.”

His commercial takes a futuristic tone as he floats out in space and teases, “And what I’ll do next? Everyone will see.”

Fans can purchase bags as seen in Lil Nas X’s campaign on the Coach website.

It was announced in October that the singer would serve as the brand’s newest global ambassador to roll out its former campaign “Courage to Be Real,” which promoted “courageous self-expression.”

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