Rock star who co-wrote, produced Demi Lovato’s ‘Scream’ single: “It’s a lot of fun working with a superhero”

DLG Recordings/Island Records

Demi Lovato‘s new single “Still Alive,” from the soundtrack of the movie Scream VI, was co-written and produced by someone who’s equally famous and successful: Mike Shinoda of chart-topping rockers Linkin Park. And Shinoda, who also makes a cameo on the song’s video, is of the opinion that Demi can stand toe-to-toe with his band’s late, iconic singer, Chester Bennington.

Speaking with ABC Audio, Shinoda calls Lovato an “insane, world-class talent” and compares their versatility to Bennington’s.  

“You could throw any vocal idea at him and he could nail it,” Shinoda says.

He laughs, “It is a lot of fun working with a superhero. Whenever I get to work with somebody who’s just that damn good, it’s a treat, it’s a total blessing. I had a great time doing it.” 

Scream VI, which hits theaters Friday, also features a new Shinoda solo song, “In My Head.”

In other Demi news, they used their Instagram Story on Wednesday to celebrate International Women’s Day and to protest the recent introduction and/or passage of anti-LGBTQ legislation in several states. One post read, “Kids need to be protected from guns, not queer people.”

They also posted footage of Scream VI star Courteney Cox attending the film’s premiere.

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