Jax says her grandmother’s feminist retelling of ‘Cinderella’ inspired her new song


Jax is back with another self-empowerment banger with “Cinderella Snapped,” and we have her grandmother to thank for the new song.

The singer previously explained on TikTok her grandmother rewrote Cinderella for her after she went to her school’s Princess Ball and left with “no prince.” The matriarch “scribbled all over” her copy of the fairytale and “edited the whole thing where Cinderella doesn’t need a prince and she’s gonna get a degree [and] run the world.”

The book was renamed The Cinde-pendent Woman.

In a new interview with People, Jax recalled the delight she felt when she unearthed that special book and thought, “I have to write a song about this.”

“I wanted to write a version of Cinderella where she got cheated on the way I got cheated on, and she snaps, burns the castle down, and all the Disney princesses rally together with different priorities than just getting married — or getting chosen to be married. So, they kind of all snap,” the singer mused.

Jax also joked about the song’s timing, considering she released it while she’s planning her own wedding. “I’m like, ‘What kind of idiot would go get married?'” she joked, adding, “It’s fine. He’s a major feminist!”

She reflected on the positive impact her breakthrough song, “Victoria’s Secret,” had on her. “On the side of my mental health and psychologically, it really, really got me through what it took me years in therapy to try to get through,” she explained, adding it introduced her to a community that had “gone through what I have gone through.”

“I haven’t felt great in a long time, so it’s been a cool year,” she said.

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