Christina Aguilera shares what she thinks about ’90s and Y2K fashion making a comeback

JAVIER TORRES/AFP via Getty Images

Millennials are making it known on social media that they are a little weirded out seeing trends from their youth — such as butterfly clips, platform sandals and denim shirts — creeping back into stores. But Christina Aguilera says she’s loving it.

Speaking to InStyle, the hitmaker shared the fashion trends she’s most excited to see back in stores.

“I was big with statement baby tees — I loved them. Oh, and I loved a bandana. I still wear them sometimes — I’m really into these latex ones,” she says. Christina also says she is welcoming back cargo pants, which is a trend she also loved back in the day.

She doesn’t seem to mind seeing the younger generations, who might not have even been alive when that fashion was in, embracing those trends. 

“It’s always fun to see things come back and live in a new era,” Christina said.

Gen Z artists like Olivia Rodrigo have been glomming onto ’90s and Y2K fashion. Most recently, Olivia paid homage to the aughts at the 2023 Billboard Women in Music Awards, where she wore low-rise flared pants and a brown leather strapless top. She finished the look with geometric heels with a square toe.

Christina was also excited to see some looks she wore in the early aughts becoming Halloween outfits. “I’m a huge lover of Halloween! I actually loved when Kylie [Jenner] did ‘Dirrty’ — that was a hot look,” she said.

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