The 10-minute version of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” is being studied at Stanford University


Taylor Swift has made it onto yet another syllabus at a prestigious university. The singer’s 10-minute version of “All Too Well” is being taught at Stanford.

Stanford is offering the course “All Too Well (Ten Week Version)” for its winter semester, which has students performing “an in-depth analysis” of the song’s lyrics.

The song has been integrated into the institution’s ITALIC 99 courses that, according to the website description, “offer students an introduction to topics taught by alumni of the program.”

The website states classes are student-led and “focused on hands-on learning and have included topics such as travel sketching, watercolor, music composition, improv acting, animation, and digital art, among many others!”

As for the Swift offering, the class will be led by Nona Hungate, who graduates in 2024. According to The Stanford Daily, the lesson “recognizes Swift’s brilliant songwriting skills while giving Stanford students the opportunity to learn how to analyze literature.” 

This isn’t the first time the hitmaker has inspired a college course. New York University offered a course on Swift, focusing on her entrepreneurship, how she fits into the history of pop music “prodigies,” and how the experiences of youth and girlhood are “often exploited” by the media.

Then, the University of Texas at Austin began offering a class that focused specifically on Taylor’s songwriting.

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