Lizzo helps with proposal at Glasgow show

Marcus Brandt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Love won at Lizzo‘s concert in Glasgow, Scotland.

The singer performed to a sold-out crowd at the OVO Hydro on Wednesday night. While performing her song “I Love You B****,” she noticed a fan waving a sign that asked for her help.

According to a video taken at the event, a fan was waving around their phone, which had this message written across a black screen in bold, white letters: “Ask my brother’s boyfriend to marry him.”

Lizzo was down and pressed pause on her performance to help with the proposal. 

She had a member of the crew hold a mic to the groom-to-be, identified as Grant, as she held a mic to his phone, where his partner, Ryan, was watching the concert via FaceTime.

“This is the chillest person in the world,” Lizzo said about Ryan because he was seemingly unfazed about talking “in front of thousands of people.”

As for Grant, he was nervous and asked as the crowd clapped and cheered, “Ryan, for the purpose that Lizzo is in front of us, will you marry me? … For the love of God, just say yes.”

Ryan accepted the proposal and Lizzo bellowed, “Can we get a f***ing yes?!” She also joked that Ryan did inevitably lose his chill factor: “The man is too stunned to speak.”

She congratulated the happy couple before dedicating her next song, “Good as Hell,” to them.

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