Pink reveals her legs were almost “ripped off” in a stunt gone wrong

Michael Bezjian

Pink has a reputation for performing aerial acrobatics during her performances, but there was a time when a stunt went horribly wrong and nearly severed her legs.

Speaking to the United Kingdom’s Heart Radio, Pink spoke about the nature of her stunts and the toll they have taken on her body, revealing, “Oh, I’ve been hurt! I almost had my legs ripped off.”

While not revealing where or when the accident happened, Pink recalled, “I was in this sort of ankle knot hold, and the winches started going apart and you can’t get out of that. And especially when your weight is down on it.”

She said the hold acted similarly to a Chinese finger trap, adding, “It was awful.”

Pink praised the person in charge of ensuring the stunts are performed correctly for his quick response. “He got under me and took the pressure off so I could get my feet out in time. But, had he not, it would have been really bad,” she explained. 

The singer also spoke of another incident in which she crashed on her “360 device,” which she says allows her to “fly like ‘Pinker Bell.'” She remarked, “That crashed and that hurt a lot.”

“But! The best thing that came from that was our tour T-shirt then became, ‘I made that barricade my b****.’ And that was my favorite tour T-shirt,” she grinned.

In other Pink news, she made her debut at the 19th annual Desert Smash charity tennis event on Tuesday at La Quinta Resort & Club in Hollywood.

She teamed with tennis pro Grigor Dimitrov in a match against Robin Thicke and pro Victoria Azarenka.

Pink also celebrated International Women’s Day with Azarenka and served as a special chair umpire during a match between Casper Ruud and Frances Tiafoe.

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