“I had a very good time”: Ed Sheeran reveals he hung out with Snoop Dogg

Jason Mendez/Getty Images

Ed Sheeran was the latest celebrity to hang out with the one and only Snoop Dogg.

Ed shared a snap to Instagram of the two hanging out and simply captioned it, “I had a very good time.” In the photo, Ed is holding a red Solo cup while Snoop appears to be getting ready for a smoke.

Snoop also posted about their meeting by sharing a snap of them chatting at what appears to be a backstage gathering. He captioned it, “[Are you] not entertained?” in all capital letters.

In the photo, Snoop is sandwiched between Ed and actor Russell Crowe. On the tables in front of them are several smoking accoutrements, as well as a large gift bag.

Snoop revealed in a separate post he had gifted Ed and Crowe large gold chains during their backstage get-together in Melbourne, Australia. The video sees Snoop fastening the chain around the red-headed singer’s neck.

Fans are naturally joking about what else the duo did during their hangout, but some are raising theories Snoop and Ed may have collaborated on something. Neither artist has said whether they jumped in the studio together.


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