Christina Aguilera reveals what she’s “obsessed” with doing in bed

JAVIER TORRES/AFP via Getty Images

When Christina Aguilera gets some downtime, she prefers to spend it in bed, doing something she’s “obsessed” with. That’s right … she plays video games.

Speaking to Allure about her beauty regimen, mother-of-two Christina says she doesn’t fuss with what she calls a “50-step beauty baloney routine.” She explains, “I’m a mama. I mean, I’d rather be in my bed on my time off playing Nintendo Switch.”

Asked by the magazine what games she plays, Christina says, “I love Mario Party. I mean, I’m obsessed. One of my Christmas gifts from my fiancé was like a suitcase that’s got a portable TV and a gaming system in it. I do it in the hotel room.”

“It’s a mental de-stress for me,” she adds. “I love it. It helps me get out of my zone, take a moment before I have to get back into it, so we play Mario Party in bed, and it’s my happy place.”

Christina’s beauty regimen now includes cosmetic injectables for frown lines between her eyebrows — she’s just partnered with the same brand that Joe Jonas partnered with last year. And while she says “we all can rely on a little help,” she understands that scrutinizing women’s looks and pressure to look young aren’t good things.

“It’s a lot of stigma, a lot of old-school behavior and ideals that women have to look a certain way and that it’s shameful to get older,” she says.

But, she also notes, “No matter what you do, you’re going to have people that hate on you. The bigger you are and the more successful, unfortunately, that comes with more hate or more scrutiny. And I’m a very sensitive person, but I’m also very tough at the end of the day.”

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