Attorney General Merrick Garland reveals his favorite Taylor Swift song, but not if he got tour tickets

Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

During a congressional hearing about Ticketmaster’s alleged monopoly of the live entertainment industry in January, senators including Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar, Utah Republican Mike Lee and Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal had fun working quotes from Taylor Swift songs into their remarks. Now, Attorney General Merrick Garland has been outed as a huge Swiftie, also in connection with the Ticketmaster issue.

According to the Wall Street Journal, at a congressional hearing on Wednesday, senators questioned Garland about the Justice Department’s investigation into Ticketmaster, which had started before the company botched the sale for Taylor’s upcoming Eras Tour. 

“Channeling Taylor Swift, I know that ‘All Too Well,'” Garland told them at one point, adding, “I’m pretty familiar with Taylor Swift.”

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Garland says his favorite Taylor song is “Shake It Off,” and that he’s been a fan since his daughters made him listen to her debut album and Fearless on repeat when he drove them to school when they were little. “We invented carpool karaoke before it was a thing,” Garland said.

His daughters have gifted him multiple Taylor albums, including the latest one, Midnights. According to The Journal, every time she releases an album, the Garland family “gathers on the phone to swap notes.”

But come on now, real talk: Did Garland and/or his daughters manage to snag tickets to the Eras Tour?

Citing yet another Taylor song, Garland replied, “That is a ‘Delicate’ question.”

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