Niall Horan combines the pirate life with Broadway musicals with James Corden

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Niall Horan‘s fans got to see him dressed like a pirate Tuesday night as he pretended to seize a British naval ship.

Niall donned fake facial hair and a tricorn hat for the music-filled skit on The Late Late Show with James Corden. He and Corden attempt to scare a captive British naval officer by performing a slew of over-the-top Broadway-style numbers — complete with dramatic lighting, mood-setting fog, tap dancing and more. 

According to Niall, the singing and dancing is designed “to strike fear into your heart and spread the terrifying tale of Captain Dreadbeard.” Unfortunately, their captive expresses mounting confusion instead of terror.

The captive sparks a mutiny by asking a slew of questions after each number, such as how long the crew spends on rehearsals.

Niall and Corden’s crew raise a series of complaints about how they’re not pillaging enough and that their leaders are always hogging the lead parts. To regain control, Niall decides the British officer is causing too much trouble and orders him to walk the plank — but not before putting on a final number that includes costume changes and a Rockettes-style kickline.

As confetti rains from the sky, the naval officer declares, “I’d rather take my chances,” and throws himself overboard.

Niall is gearing up for the release of his third album, The Show, which arrives June 9.

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