Here’s why fans think Hailey Bieber shaded Selena Gomez (again)

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

According to fans, the drama continues between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber. This time, fans think Hailey shaded the singer on her latest Instagram Story.

The model shared an unboxing video to promote her skin care line, but fans think the music used in the promo was actually a subtle dig at Selena. The video was soundtracked to “Calm Down” by Afrobeats artist Rema.

Fans found the song choice interesting because Rema released a popular remix of “Calm Down” over the summer that featured Selena, so they found it suspicious the video featured the original, Selena-free version.

It should be noted the video is a repost of an unboxing video from beauty influencer @styleandthebeach, so Hailey’s fans are saying the model played no role in the song choice.

Neither Hailey nor Selena, who is currently on a social media break, have responded to this latest controversy.

As previously reported, Selena’s fans feel Hailey has been bullying the singer as of late. They flooded social media with alleged proof of the model mocking Selena’s physical appearance — such as her weight or how she styled her eyebrows — on some of her posts. 

Since then, Hailey has reportedly lost almost half a million followers on Instagram, while Selena has become the most followed woman on the platform.

As of Tuesday, 50.1 million people follow Hailey, while 387 million people follow Selena.

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