Ava Max says the online hate is not going to change how she makes music

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Ava Max is known for interpolating famous songs in her music, which has seemingly earned her some backlash. Despite that, Ava says she won’t change how she makes music.

“The comments online have been kind of mean,” she told NYLON. “[But] this music is helping so many people, I can never stop. No matter how many haters there are out there, or people who want to bring you down.”

Ava explained interpolating songs isn’t a cheap move, as some critics have said. “I take a lot of time on my songs — especially if I interpolate them,” she said.

“I think it should be done tastefully,” Ava noted. “I spend a lot of time making sure it’s not at all like the [original] song. That’s the beauty about bringing something back. You don’t want to give people the same thing.”

She said online hate will not make her change how she looks, either. Ava explained she finds it funny people compare her to Lady Gaga because they both wear blond wigs.

“Like what do they want me to do, dye my hair black?! I did that, and then they started comparing me to Dua [Lipa]! You can’t win,” she expressed.

Just like her music, Ava will continue to play with her style. “If I wake up one morning and I want pink hair, I want pink hair! I don’t want to be confined to one look,” she said. “At the end of the day, daring is better than boring.”

Ava also confirmed she’s working on a deluxe version of her new album, which she said is “like Diamonds & Dancefloors on crack.”

She confirmed there’s a new song on that album — a collaboration with Khalid, which makes her “really excited.”

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