Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show results in over 100 complaints

Courtesy Apple Music

Rihanna‘s Super Bowl halftime show earned mixed reviews, with some fans loving it and others deeming it lackluster. Another group of viewers shared their thoughts by filing complaints with the Federal Communications Commission.

Billboard reports more than 100 complaints from across the country said Rih’s performance was overtly sexual and far from family friendly, as it included “gyrating … and rear end … grabbing,” “sexualization, genital grabbing, sniffing of her fingers” and more.

“Inappropriate touching and dance moves, very raunchy for a family to watch,” a complainant in Rockton, Illinois, wrote. “Little kids do not need to see this.”

“Can we please have a half time show where the artist doesn’t grab their crotch or try to dry hump the lead singer,” wrote someone from Brush Prairie, Washington. “I really don’t want to see 30 back up dancers doing pelvic thrusts.”

A third person complained that “the halftime show was disgusting,” adding the “scratching your crotch and anus and the sniffing your fingers makes me puke. The devil sequence was blatantly anti Christian and so inappropriate. Why is this trash allowed on television?”

Rihanna’s halftime show found her performing some of her greatest hits and revealing her second pregnancy. It’s the latest Super Bowl performance to cause controversy, following Eminem‘s 2022 gig, Janet Jackson‘s nipple reveal in 2004 and more.

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