“Hatred and division is such a waste”: Pink condemns homophobia


Pink has long considered herself “label-less” when it comes to her sexuality, but the singer says she still faces homophobic vitriol.

The hitmaker told Gay Times she doesn’t understand why people think calling her the d-word is an insult. “You see me as a strong woman, therefore I must be a lesbian, or I must be a guy? Really, that’s the best you’ve got?,” she questioned.

“When you boil it down, hatred and division is such a waste,” she remarked. “How are we fighting love? That’s what we’ve decided to do with our time? I don’t understand it.”

Pink, an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, has one message for such people: “I think life is more fun when you have the freedom to live it how you choose. Homophobic people are missing out on a lot of fun.”

Pink added her shows have opened some eyes because she ensures everyone is welcome. “All kinds of different people come to the shows and they’re forced to share a space, and by the end, they realize they’re not that different,” she said.

She provided an example: “One show, I saw this bearded biker in leather standing next to a drag queen that was dressed in my Glitter in the Air costume, and you could tell they didn’t wanna be next to each other.”

“By the end of the show, they were arm-in-arm, sweating together, crying together and laughing together, having an experience that probably changed both of them – and me, in the process,” said Pink. “It’s f***ing beautiful. It’s magic.”

Her new album, TRUSTFALL, is out now.

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