“I deserve respect”: Britney Spears calls out “extremely disturbing” tabloid reports

Britney Spears slammed the media for posting stories about her, which she said are “lies.”

Taking to Instagram Thursday, she shared a clip from The Andy Griffith Show episode “Opie’s Newspaper,” where a young boy resorts to printing scandalous stories because they sell better.

The clip Britney posted contains the line, “You don’t circulate stories that are mean and unkind about people! There’s too many other stories to put in. Nice stories!”

“The constant lies from the media and TMZ have felt like borderline harassment … it’s extremely disturbing, due to the fact of how incredibly important it is at this time in my life to be supported and respected,” Britney wrote in the caption.

“Also, the way the news has always spread lies about me is incredibly heartbreaking,” she added. “I meditate over hope and excitement for my future !!! I have transformed my whole life with the elimination of my conservatorship and I deserve respect !!!”

She said she finds it “embarrassing” to have to comment on the issue “because of how completely outrageous what’s being said.” Britney closed that she has a “right to protect myself from the cruelty of the outside world.”

The post follows a report from earlier this month that Britney’s inner circle had planned on staging an intervention to address allegedly concerning behavior. The singer and her husband, Sam Asghari, denied the story.

In addition, TMZ claimed in January the singer had a “meltdown” at an upscale California restaurant. A staff member reportedly from the eatery debunked the story by telling Page Six another patron taunted the singer by continually recording her even though she “was understandably upset.”

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