Fans take over singing “Someone You Loved” after Lewis Capaldi experiences Tourette syndrome flare-up

Alexandra Gavillet

Lewis Capaldi revealed last year that he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. At a recent concert, he was overcome by a flare-up of tics which briefly stopped him from singing, so his fans stepped in to help.

According to a fan video taken during his Tuesday show in Frankfurt, Germany, the singer tried getting through performing “Someone You Loved” but had to stop because his shoulder and head wouldn’t stop jerking. 

His fans continued singing for him and carried on the song while Lewis watched and then appeared to throw guitar picks to his fans.

Lewis hasn’t addressed what happened, but he previously took to TikTok to speak about his diagnosis and how it affects his concerts. 

He explained in January that while his movements “sort of look a bit uncomfortable,” he said his tics aren’t “an issue in the slightest.” 

“I’m absolutely fine … This happens when I get, like, tired, nervous, excited, whatever. It just gets more intense,” Lewis explained. He also joked fans should buy tickets to his shows so they can “come see me twitch live and in person.”

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