“One of my favorite ladies alive”: Lady Gaga praises Selena Gomez

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Selena Gomez earned some unexpected praise from Lady Gaga after she tried on a beauty filter for one of her videos and confessed, “I wish I was as pretty as Bella Hadid.”

In a TikTok story posted Monday, Selena tried on a filter that was supposed to make her look more like the model. The filter gave her ultra-laminated eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, a narrower nose and a contoured face. 

As Selena posed with the filter on, she lipsynced to audio of the model saying, “My name? My name is Bella Hadid.” She also captioned how she wished she looked like Hadid.

Both Hadid and Selena dated The Weekend a few years back, and some fans believed that caused some tension between the two. This video is being interpreted as Selena dismissing the rumored drama.

In a second story, Selena shared another video of her with the filter turned off and joked, “Instead, this is me. I accidentally laminated my brows too much.” Laminating one’s brows is like giving them a perm to give them a fuller look.

She then tried to put her own spin on the Bella Hadid audio and remarked how her attempt “doesn’t even sound sexy.”

Apparently, Lady Gaga wasn’t in the mood for self-deprecation and commented on that video, “You look and are beautiful inside and out.” She also called Selena “one of my favorite ladies alive!”

Selena has not responded yet to Gaga’s comment.

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