Nick Jonas reveals why the JoBros’ wives picked their new single, “Wings”


The Jonas Brothers have found that their wives aren’t just their soulmates and the mothers of their children — they’re also pretty good at picking hits.

Speaking to E! News, Nick Jonas said his wife Priyanka, Joe’s wife Sophie Turner, and Kevin‘s wife Danielle are, “all better music critics than we are, especially for our own stuff, and have a good sense of what will work.” 

The proof? The brothers thought about releasing another song as the first single from their 2019 reunion album Happiness Begins, but, Nick noted, “I think all of our wives collectively said ‘Sucker’ is the hit.”

Not only was it a hit, but it topped the Billboard Hot 100. So it’s no wonder that the brothers once again turned to their wives to pick the single from their upcoming release, The Album.

“They all raised their hands and said ‘Wings’ is probably the first one to put out,” Nick recalled. “That’s why we’re doing that.”

Wings” will arrive this Friday.  The Album — their first release since Happiness Begins –– is due May 5.

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