New ’Sesame Street’ promo sees Cookie Monster stealing and eating Lizzo’s cookie flute

Marcus Brandt/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Lizzo stars in a new episode of Sesame Street. In a preview, Cookie Monster foils her plans of adding the world’s only functional cookie flute to her collection.

The promo sees Elmo giving Lizzo the impressive-looking instrument, which he says is the only one in all of Sesame Street. Lizzo remarks, “I played a lot of instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before!”

She then performs a few notes, which attracts the attention of Cookie Monster, who asks if he could also play the instrument. Lizzo hands it to him and notes, “I didn’t know you played the flute.”

“Me don’t,” Cookie Monster replies and shoves the flute into his mouth, all while making his signature “om nom nom” sounds as he chews.

“That was the one and only cookie flute,” the singer exclaims. She then finds out the blue monster is fully aware he ate a one-of-a-kind treasure.

“Me know,” he grunts. “How could me not eat it? What an honor!” He then reveals that although the flute may be gone, he can now play his throat like the musical instrument. His playing earns Lizzo’s seal of approval.

“The one and only cookie flute for the one and only, @lizzo! Your furry friends love you!” Sesame Street teased on Twitter. 

Lizzo also shared a cute video of her giving Elmo some balsamic vinegar, a play on the popular meme where the red monster struggles to pronounce the word. “Guess what isn’t a big word for @elmo anymore…..?!” she wrote.

Lizzo’s long-awaited appearance calls back to her adorable Twitter exchange with Cookie Monster back in 2019, when he parodied her song “Truth Hurts” by tweeting, “Me just took a DNA test turns out me 100% cookies…”

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