Adam Lambert reflects on Lil Nas X thanking him for opening more doors for queer artists


Adam Lambert looked back at how he contributed to improving conditions for queer artists in the music industry.

Speaking to NME, Adam reflected on how the media seemingly fixated on him wearing makeup on the cover of his 2009 album, For Your Entertainment.

“The guyliner [as] they coined it became this thing that had to be talked about and they didn’t understand,” he said, adding, “I was like: ‘Wait a minute. [Male] musicians have been wearing makeup since the ’50s, so what the hell are you talking about?’ I feel like pop culture sometimes has amnesia about what’s come before it.”

Now, it is more acceptable for male artists to wear makeup and experiment with fashion. Adam then reflected on Lil Nas X thanking him for opening the doors for queer artists by just being himself.

“That was really flattering, actually,” he said. The singer lavished praise onto Lil Nas X and raved, “I’m really impressed with everything that he’s doing… He’s got a great sense of humor about it and he’s fearless.”

Adam said he cannot take any credit for the rapper’s rise to superstardom, noting “that would be ridiculous,” but he agrees that he was part of a wave that opened doors for queer artists like him.

“Looking at the music industry now, 10 years on, it’s totally different… Now you can be queer and successful, it’s no longer a question mark; it’s no longer niche. Lil Nas X is mainstream and successful; Sam Smith is mainstream and successful,” he noted.

Adam said he worked to use his platform for good, adding, “It was [about] getting people to understand the queer community and not be scared of the queer community.”

The singer added his journey has been “really rewarding.”

His new album, High Drama, arrives this Friday, February 24.

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