Nicky Youre teams up with Diane Warren for “Found” from animated Netflix film ‘The Magician’s Elephant’


“Sunroof” singer Nicky Youre has found an impressive partner for one of his new songs: Oscar-nominated songwriter Diane Warren.

Diane revealed on her socials that Nicky is singing a new song she’s written called “Found,” which will be out on March 10. The song is from an animated Netflix film called The Magician’s Elephant, which will hit the streaming platform on March 17. It’s about a boy who’s searching for his long-lost sister and is told to follow an elephant that has been conjured up by a magician. However, he’ll only be able to do that if he can complete three “impossible” tasks.

Diane currently has her 14th Oscar nomination with “Applause,” a song she wrote for the movie Tell It Like a Woman. 

But before “Found” is released, Nicky will be putting out one of his own songs: It’s called “Shut Me Up” and will be out on Friday, February 24.

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