“If it wasn’t for her, I definitely would not be here”: Niall Horan credits Katy Perry for saving his career

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Niall Horan released his new song “Heaven” on Friday, the first single off his upcoming third album, The Show. But the singer contends he never would have made it this far had it not been for Katy Perry.

Niall guested on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night to preview his new record and to chat about why he thinks Katy is responsible for his career. Coincidentally, Katy’s fiancé, Orlando Bloom, was also a guest that night.

Corden brought up how Katy was a judge during Niall’s audition on X Factor UK in 2010 and credited her as “the judge … that actually put you through.” The show replayed the infamous moment, where Katy gave him some very honest feedback.

“You do need more experience,” Katy tells the then-teenaged Niall. “And, by the way, just if you’re likable … likable is not gonna sell records, it’s talent. And you have a seed of it. Of course, you’re in.”

Orlando was impressed by the singer’s connection to Katy and asked if “that was the moment that really changed your whole thing?”

“My audition was going very south, Orlando,” Niall confessed. “Katy just kept me in the competition, because if it wasn’t for her, I definitely would not be here and she knows it.”

Niall says he and Katy will hug whenever they run into one another.

The former One Direction singer performed his new song, “Heaven,” live for the first time during the show. Fans can now stream and purchase the single.

The Show will be Niall’s first album in about three years; it arrives June 9.

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