Pink explains why she named her new album ’TRUSTFALL’

RCA Records

Pink releases her ninth studio album Friday, February 17, and she has a very specific reason for naming it TRUSTFALL.

She explained to Billboard, “Life is like this to me — it’s an emotional roller coaster and it’s a f***king journey, and this album is that.”

Pink has openly shared that she went through an emotional wringer during the pandemic and hinted it changed how she creates albums.

“Normally I’m like, ‘Okay, turn on the faucet, let’s go’ — like a race to the finish, how many songs can you write? And they’re all meaningful to me, it’s all my feelings,” she described. “But this [album] felt like, ‘Yeah, I felt like that last year, but I don’t feel like that anymore. Now I feel like this.'”

“I think we’re all walking around with this sort of low-level trauma that we’re not even aware of,” she noted.

Pink continued, “This album could have easily been, Side A is Roller Skate Time, and Side B is No Sharp Objects in the Kitchen Time! But that’s not life. Life is messy and beautiful and messy again.”

“It was so easy to name the record. I feel like getting out of bed, and getting dressed, and dropping your kids off at school, and being in a relationship, and parenting, and participating in elections — it requires a lot of trust,” Pink described.

“And most of the time, we feel like we’re falling backwards, and we don’t know where the ground is,” she said.

TRUSTFALL arrives at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

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