On Valentine’s Day, Britney Spears thanks husband for “loving me as I am”

Despite having to do damage control following recent reports of her allegedly needing an intervention, Britney Spears and husband Sam Asghari still managed to have a sweet Valentine’s Day on Tuesday.

On his Instagram Story, Sam posted a photo of the card Britney gave him, which says on the front, “Thank you for loving me as I am.” Inside, it reads, “You bring out the best in me, and because of you, I feel anything is possible. I love you.”

Britney also added a handwritten note: “I love you Hesam” — Sam’s birth name — “love, Britney.”

Sam also posted an unseen photo of himself and Britney on their wedding day last June: The black-and-white snap shows the two in their wedding finery, sitting in a horse-drawn carriage and kissing.  

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my valentine,” he wrote in the caption.

As for Britney, she posted the wedding photo to her Instagram account and also added two “Happy V-Day” posts, asking fans, “Have you had your chocolate yet?”

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