Ed Sheeran sends notebooks to several fans that seemingly tease his new album

Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for GBK Brand Bar

Ed Sheeran sent a few lucky fans yellow notebooks purportedly filled with new song lyrics, and a calendar with many circled dates.

A European fan account shared images of the yellow notebook to Instagram and Ed seemingly confirmed its authenticity by sharing it to his Instagram story. He didn’t write a caption.

The images were taken from Twitter users @ColdCoffeeh and @LucyLittley, who appear to be massive fans of the singer.

The first page of the notebook has the section where people usually write their names blacked out. The resulting shape looks to resemble the subtract symbol.

Some sentences found within the book include the words “We were lost within a stormy ocean. Drop the needle,” written in a circle. There are complementary lyrics on other pages, with one reading, “The waves won’t break my boat,” while another written in a wavy line goes, “Tears dry and will leave no trace.”

Another cluster of apparent lyrics reads, “Life can be so beautiful if you try,” while another says, “I’m dancing with my eyes closed. Everywhere I look I still see you.”

While fans are excited that this appears to confirm Ed’s new album, likely dubbed Subtract, the notebook’s calendar is also attracting attention, because of the dates circled in yellow. Highlighted dates include February 17 and February 27, as well as March 1, and March 23 through March 25. When it comes to May, the third of the month is circled, and then every day from the fifth to the twelfth. 

While it’s unknown what these dates symbolize, fans believe they mark either an announcement or potential song release.

Ed began teasing Subtract — stylized as the mathematical minus sign — in October, but hasn’t yet revealed when the album will arrive.


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