Report: Only a “very limited few” knew of Rihanna’s pregnancy ahead of Super Bowl halftime show

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Rihanna went above and beyond to keep her pregnancy a secret ahead of the Super Bowl halftime show. Apparently, she even kept the NFL and Apple Music in the dark.

According to Entertainment Tonight‘s sources, only a “very limited few” knew Rihanna is expecting. One spy claimed Super Bowl heads didn’t even know she was pregnant when they approached her to do the event.

“Rihanna has always done things on her own schedule so she didn’t let her plans for baby number two stop her from committing to doing the show — she wanted it all! … When she was further along and shared the news with a very limited few, everyone was very supportive,” the insider spilled. 

That spy also claimed choreography and costumes were “being tweaked up until the last minute.”

To further ensure no one else would learn of her pregnancy, rehearsals were moved to prevent wandering eyes. 

“We had to rehearse way out in the sticks of [Los Angeles] and Santa Clarita to keep it all secretive,” said Super Bowl halftime show producer Jesse Collins. “It was a lot of work.”

In other Rihanna news, actor Ethan Hawke celebrated her halftime show performance by sharing a story of him embarrassing his now-21-year-old son, Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke, at an NBA game several years ago. 

Hawke shared a series of photos of him stealing his son’s seat so he could sit next to the hitmaker. “After Rihanna’s brilliant half time performance, I’m hoping my son can find it in his heart to forgive a Dad for taking his moment,” the actor captioned the post.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was offended — but not on Levon’s behalf. She took issue with Hawke’s slouching and commented, “Could you sit up straight, for god’s sake? You’re sitting next to Rihanna!”

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