Ellie Goulding claims a magazine said she was too old to be on its cover

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Ellie Goulding revealed she was recently told she’s too old to be on the cover of a certain magazine.

Without outing the publication, she shared on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, “I got told earlier that I can’t be on a particular magazine cover to promote my album because I am over 30.” 

The 36-year-old singer will release her new album, Higher Than Heaven, on March 24. Ellie did not speak further about the incident and instead turned her attention toward conservation.

The singer shared an impassioned message to fans after visiting a botanical garden.

Taking to Instagram to share photos of her trip to West Sussex’s Wakehurst Kew Gardens and the Millennium Seed Bank, the singer wrote in the caption, “Big Valentines Day love to the heroes working day and night to protect and conserve nature … Kew’s Seed Bank (like a bank but seeds instead of money obvs) is one of the most important on earth, a bomb proof bunker containing the most diverse wild plant species resource in the world.”

“We are experiencing the rapid extinction of plant diversity, faster than any other time in the past,” the singer continued.

The seed bank says on its official website it’s home to over 2.4 billion seeds from across the globe with the intent of “banking them to conserve them for the future.” Ellie explained their efforts have already been called upon, writing, “The team here has been able to send seeds back to Australia to regenerate rare plants after the wildfires.”

Ellie hopes her post will encourage her fans to visit and support their efforts. “This is a planetary emergency service and it is bold, beautiful and worth a trip if you get the chance,” she wrote.

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