Here’s why Taylor Swift fans are taking credit for lowering egg prices

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Have you noticed egg prices are starting to fall at your grocery store? If so, Taylor Swift fans say you should be thanking them.

Food economists say the record high price of eggs was caused by a combination of factors. They cited the nationwide bird flu outbreak, which caused the death of millions of egg-laying hens, paired with high feed costs, inflation and a national supply chain challenge caused by the pandemic.

But now prices are reportedly dropping across the U.S., with a recent CNBC report noting wholesale egg prices have “collapsed” — with some areas seeing a 52 percent decrease in the price of a dozen eggs.

The arrival of this data coincided with Trevor Noah‘s memorable heart-to-heart with Taylor at the Grammy Awards. The host told Taylor, “You have the best fans in the world. I mean, what they did with Ticketmaster … is amazing.”

Noah was referencing how the intense outcry over Ticketmaster’s disastrous presale of her Eras Tour tickets resulted in several lawsuits, new investigations and a Senate hearing on Capitol Hill against the company.

“Once they’re done with this, can you get them to handle the price of eggs?” he asked the singer.

Taylor responded, “They’ll get on it.”

Shortly after, CNBC released its report, thus sparking jokes and memes about the power of Swift’s fan base. Some also glommed onto a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that found some regional prices fell by 13 percent, as is the case in New York and the Midwest.

As Swifties know, 13 is Taylor’s lucky number.

Jokes aside, food economists believe egg prices are most likely beyond the control of Taylor’s fans.


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