Watch The Kid LAROI tell his story in “Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1)”

“Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1)”/Columbia Records

The Kid LAROI‘s back with a new song and video from his upcoming album, The First Time. In it, he looks back at his troubled upbringing and takes stock of his life as a global pop star.

In the song, LAROI talks about what he thought fame would be like — girls, money and fancy cars — and what it actually is. 

“Growing up, I watched my favorite rappers’ interviews/ I ain’t believe ’em when they said it ain’t all what it seems,” he raps. “But now I’m here and realize they were tellin’ truth/ ‘Cause you sacrificed yourself for everybody’s needs by any means.”

He continues, “Always stressin’ ’bout my brother, I know this s**t hard on him/ Always stressin’ ’bout my mama, but I know that God got her/ I’m stressin’ out more now than what I did at rock bottom/ And I’m blowin’ more clouds hopin’ that’ll help stop it.” 

He adds, “Promised the world and delivered me an atlas/ But I guess that’s how it goes.”

In the video, LAROI is shown hanging out with friends — seemingly in the past, before he was a star — in an environment of what seems like drugs, poverty and fraught family situations.

“Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1)” was first previewed in The Kid LAROI‘s Wild Dreams Fortnite Island Experience. The First Time is available for preorder now.

In other Kid LAROI news, he’ll be performing at the AT&T NBA All-Star Pregame Concert during NBA All-Star Weekend on February 19. You can livestream the show with AT&T 5G Concert Lens using AT&T 5G connectivity.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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