Taylor Swift’s closet inspired a song on Paramore’s new album

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

About 15 years ago,Taylor Swift and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams were pals; they both lived in Nashville and got famous around the same time. Hayley says a song on the band’s new album, This Is Why, coming out on Friday, was inspired by a moment she shared with Taylor.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Hayley says the song “Running Out of Time” came from a feeling she experienced the first time she went to Taylor’s house. 

“We were looking around her place and she was like, ‘Oh, and this is my little closet where I keep gifts and things … if I randomly am just, like, “I’m going to send them something,” or I did something and they hosted me and I want to thank them,'” Hayley recalls Taylor saying. “And I was like, ‘Oh my God, my life is so not together.’ I was like, ‘I can barely remember to send someone a card or flowers.'”

Hayley says even today, “There are still Christmas gifts at my house that I have not sent to my friends, just sitting there in the back of my closet.”   

She says “Running Out of Time” expresses her “wish that I was the person that just had … all my s**t together and I was like, ‘Oh, I had some extra time, so I’m just popping by with some flowers’ … that is my idealized self.”

Hayley also tells Zane something about Taylor that we’ve heard from many of her friends and acquaintances. “She’s a really good cook, by the way,” she says. “She’s a really good cook. She has taught me how to make stuff that I did not retain at all.”

(The Taylor portion of Hayley’s interview comes at the 27:23 mark. Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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