Pink says COVID allowed her to “take more chances” with new album, ‘Trustfall’

Andrew Macpherson for Women’s Health

Unlike her previous albums, Pink took three years to make her new release, Trustfall.  And while that was mostly due to COVID, she says it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“I had time … so I went really, really slowly,” she tells Women’s Health for its March “Limitless” issue. “I was able to take more chances. COVID slowed down life in a ‘what matters’ kind of way for me. Now all I want is to put things in the world that are meaningful and see my kids grow up.”

Women’s Health describes Trustfall, out February 17, as a combination of songs about “the deep pain of feeling as if the world is falling apart and the ‘might as well have fun’ attitude that’s useful when the world is falling apart.” As Pink explains, “These two opposition forces somehow meet and balance each other out.”

She’ll take the songs on the road on her upcoming Summer Carnival tour, which she describes as “a festival and a lovefest.” Referring to the aerial tricks she performs onstage, Pink says, “I’m kind of like a circus act … every performance I get to do new things, so I’m always trying to top it.”

“It’s going to start getting really hard to do that because I’ve done the craziest stuff,” she adds. “But we’re always on the lookout for new cool things that you might not die from.” 

And she’s ready to take on anything. 

“I bite off more than I can chew, and I ferociously attack life,” she says of her need to challenge herself. “I’m constantly saying, ‘What will I do with this one precious life?’ I’m going to do too much. I’m gonna slide in sideways until the end, going, ‘HOLY S**T, DID YOU SEE THAT!?’”

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